Decentralized oracle networks ensure the security of DEFI price feeders
Oracle Network Protocol further promotes DEFI's development by providing a tamper-proof premium feed
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A highly decentralized security infrastructure

The best quality independent node operator, with anti-witch attack ability

Hundreds of security-assessed DevOps teams operating together

High performance monitoring system to ensure the continuous operation of the system

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High quality data source to prevent manipulation

Paid data source guarantees high quality data input for smart contracts

Verify the billing data within the system and check the accuracy of the data multiple times

The market price required for smart contract access to users

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Prove the p2p security of smart contracts to users

Prove the p2p security of smart contracts to users through decentralized price input

Oracle in the defi factor secures billions of dollars in assets

The use of a time-tested network of prophets ensures maximum immutability

Easily integrated feeding price

plug contract

Price data reference
P2P decentralization

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First, data providers need take raw price data from all centralized and decentralized exchanges and aggregate the data, taking into account factors such as time, volume and outliers
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Next, individual nodes in Oracle Network Protocol's decentralized network capture market prices from different data providers and generate tamper-proof price updates
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Finally, the Oracle Network Protocol price reference contract makes it easy for any smart contract to call simple functions to obtain accurate and reliable on-chain price data