Oracle Network Protocol
Used for any smart contract application

Oracle Network Protocol enables smart contract of blockchain to take advantage of a wide range of off-chain resources, such as tamper-proof price data, verifiable randomness, external APIs, and more


Smart contracts interconnected to real world use case

Smart contracts are isolated by nature , the off-chain data cannot be securely obtained or sent to the off-chain system

Oracle Network Protocol connects smart contracts to off-chain data, events, payments etc. guarantees tamper-proof and reliability; This greatly expands the capabilities of the blockchain

onp contract

Secure the oraclefeature for all smart contracts

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achieve decentralize p2p

Adopts a decentralized network of oracles with independent nodes that are resistant to witch attacks, ensuring a high degree of availability and tamper-proof
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Verifiable security nodes

Provide encrypt proof for the overall security of the oracle network, all data is verified by the nodes and stored on the blockchain.
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High quality data

Access to all password-protected or authenticated API data sources, with multiple nodes repeatedly authenticated to avoid a single point of failure.
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Crypto economic security

Make full use of binding service agreements that stipulate the terms of the oracle service and impose penalties for poor quality service.
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Deep defense mechanism

It adopts multi-layer security mechanism, including encrypted signature, trusted execution environment and zero knowledge proof.
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Open-source community

Enhance network security and accelerate development through the joint efforts of node operators, developers, researchers, and security auditors.
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Compatible with all blockchains

Provides a common abstraction layer for cross-network connectivity through a unified framework that connects to all the top public and federated chain environments.
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Off chain verification

Combine on-chain and off-chain infrastructure to create decentralized applications with privacy protection, high throughput, and external connectivity in the form of hybrid smart contracts.

DeFi The most reliable in the field Oracle

Oracle Network Protocol provides the critical market price data used to create and secure the clearing of DEFI products.

Oracle Network Protocol secure billions of dollars of value for many of the top Defi applications, CEFI enterprises, and other financial institutions by providing valuable price data.


Primary source of on-chain numbers

Oracle Network Protocol VRF generate reliable random, user creates NFTs, doles out random rewards, and adds randomness to the game

Oracle Network Protocol Verifiable Random Function (VRF) provides on-chain random numbers for many blockchain games. Such random numbers are secured by encryption technology and can be verified, which guarantees fairness for users.


Aid enterprises to easily realize the application usage of blockchain

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Ensuring the security of existing systems

Automate the backend of business processes to eliminate counterparty risk and reduce reliance on third parties

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Provide transparency to users

Use decentralized data entry to secure critical service execution for users

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Connect to any blockchain

Use unified software to connect existing systems to any current and future blockchain environment

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Monetize your API

Sell data and API services directly to smart contract applications to expand the market scale

Developer resources

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Seamless integration

Integrate ChainLink into the prior art stack with minimal time and effort
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Easy and simplified documentation

Updated documentation and guidelines to provide developers with an easy to work development experience
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