A verifiable source of random numbers for smart contract developers
Oracle Network Protocol VRF uses cryptographic security technology to provide secure random numbers for your blockchain gaming applications
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Generate a random number for the smart contract

Generate random numbers for your game

All random number generated are validated before they are entered into the smart contract

The Oracle cannot manipulate the generated results and can only choose not to respond

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Provide quality user experience for your users

Fully trusted validation of blockchain games

Prove the fairness of the game to the user through encryption technology

Add randomness to the game to enhance user experience, increasing player base in the process

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Verifiable random number

The seed provided by the user is used as input to the number generator, verifiable random numbers are generated

Encryption can be used to verify all random numbers on chain

The generated number cannot be tampered with by attackers, node operator or smart contract manager

Easily integrate verifiable random numbers

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Price reference data
P2P decentralization


Verifiable RNG

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Using the seed provided by the user, random number generated is proved to be authenticity and fair

Verifiable RNG

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Next, each random number in Oracle Network can be verified on the chain and then transmitted to the smart contract

Verifiable RNG

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You and your users get a random number that cannot be manipulated or tampered with by any predictor or attacker